Halloween Event 2018

That spooky time is near!

The time has come for All Hallows’ Eve, the time where you can’t be at ease.
The ghost and demons of the night, will walk past you with much delight.

Open the Dark Doorway and enter, a world which will make you remember,
the old stories, once told and then forgotten, for you to relive them – oh in what have you yourself gotten?

You will become a Witch sitting in her Haunted Tower,
and seeking for might and power.
You will become a Ghost Bride forgotten by her lover,
being on an endless search and never be able to recover.

You will become a wolfman howling to the moon,
who will be fearing the mere sight of a silver spoon.
You will become a zombie who will never live on again,
victim to the experiments in the Mad Scientist’s Lab.

Those are the stories you will need to tell,

For more information head on over to The Official Forge of Empires forums.

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  1. calico bears says:

    Great article once again! Thumbs up!

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