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Welcome all members and guests! Our website “base” is finally up and running. This has been a long time coming, and will gradually develop into a fantastic informational website in the many months to come. I am currently in the process of working on the basic guild related stuff to begin with. Each week I will post a progress update as to what all was done, kind of like the change log for Forge of Empires. The title of this series will be “Website Progress” and will follow everything from the first news post to the very last thing we add before we’re satisfied with the progress and there’s nothing else to add!

I hope to accomplish several things with this website, including but not limited to:

  • A website for all of The Hive’s official members to be able to find information helpful to their advancement within our guild in a private section of the website.
  • An informational “wikipedia” of sorts that combines what many other websites have done individually into one site that collectively has everything needed to make your game play functional.
    • Great Building levels for every verified level that I can obtain. This will include gathering of information for the highest levels on a weekly/monthly basis from every game server across the Forge of Empires database. These levels will include costs for each position, gains from the levels as well as profitability from an arc standpoint at various increments.
    • Information related to the sizes and abilities of every regular and special event building.
    • Detailed summaries of every age & the research/campaign map progress involved.
    • A section for user submitted guides that can be voted on and reviewed by other members.
    • Much, much more!
  • Multiple calculators for obtaining figures needed to calculate profitability on great buildings, costs of Forge Point for coin purchases & GvG related formulas for determining the cost to value for sectors on the map.

There’s so much to list on what we hope to achieve, there’s no way I can do it, so the best thing I can do is get started and hope you all enjoy and stick along for the ride!




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