Forge of Empires Changelog 1.137


  • We introduced the Fragments with this year’s Fall Event and now decided to also include them as a possible reward to the Daily Challenges. Therefore we added two new reward chests to the Daily Challenges. One of them includes Fragments for the Shrine of Knowledge and the other one for the Wishing Well, which also includes a new Fragment type: Wishing Well Shrink Kit Fragment.


  • While writing a longer post in the messenger, a scrollbar will appear so it’s actually possible to view the whole text by scrolling up. Once the message is sent, the scrollbar should disappear from the answer-window again. On our HTML5 version this did not happen, resulting in the attachment icon overlapping with the scrollbar. This is now fixed.
  • Scrolling through the ‘Offer’ and ‘Need’ drop-down-menus in the trade offer creation window, resulted in the game becoming sluggish on the HTML5 version. This process was now improved so the game is much smoother in this regard.
  • The sell-screen showing while trying to sell a multiage building that requires population, didn’t show the amount of population you will get back when selling this particular building. This information was now added.
  • The animations for incidents, like the rhino on the raft, weren’t playing anymore. Those incidents should now correctly play their animation, provided that animations are enabled in the settings.
  • While viewing neutral sectors on the GvG map it could happen that instead of displaying the avatar of the NPC owning the sector, it would show the flag of a guild of which sectors were viewed before. This issue was now fixed, so you should always see the correct NPC avatars in the neutral sector.
  • After scrolling in the chat window, it could happen that the chat was following every movement of the mouse outside of the chat window, making it hard to follow conversations while being active in the city. This problem has now been solved. The chat will only move if being directly scrolled in the chat window.
  • If the population in the city was 0 it was not possible to use the Wishing Well Shrink Kit on an existing Wishing Well in the city. With the update Wishing Wells can now be shrunk, even if the population is 0.

Additional details can be found at The Official Forge of Empires forums.

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