Forge of Empires Changelog 1.134


  • We have made some optimizations to the game’s servers following our last update which went into effect in the same week, but after the update had already been activated. As such, we figured we’d mention it here.
    We have observed that these changes speed up some game actions slightly. We hope that you have been enjoying them so far. Feel free to let us know!


  • We have added additional checks to GvG maps to make sure it’s not possible for one guild to have more than one Headquarter at the same time.
  • We have fixed an issue that caused the city view to jump to a random position after a set building had been moved.
  • When a quest asking to aid your neighbors was active, self-aid kits used to polish your own buildings also counted towards this quest condition, this has been corrected now.
  • A display error was fixed that caused the bonus of The Arc to be displayed even when it was not connected to the Town Hall.
  • A sale timer and icons were not always displayed immediately after a sale has started.This has been corrected.
  • When coming back to the city from another part of the game, the number of Self-Aid kits in the Self-Aid mode was displayed as “0”.
  • We have made some small formatting changes and sped up various tooltips in the game.


  • When winning a unit, the amount of won units was displayed twice, resulting in displays like “10×10 Rogues” instead of the correct “1×10 Rogues” in the rewards window. This has been fixed now.
  • After joining a guild, the guild bar on the bottom screen wasn’t immediately updated.
  • We have fixed an issue that caused Rogues to appear transformed at the start of battles and in battle replays.
  • The new item indicator in the Inventory is now able to show numbers beyond 9 to be more accurate when a lot of items (such as Forge Point Packages) are generated.

Additional details can be found at The Official Forge of Empires forums.

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